Uncle Sam Fireworks

Since 1976 and for three generations, our family business has been striving to bring you the best product selection and performance, competitive prices, knowledgeable customer service, and overall quality. Check us out and see why we have so many loyal customers, even in a highly competitive area. Visit the About page to read more about who we are.

Where are we located? When are we open?

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Interactive 360° view of store

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See It Before You Buy It

In-store we have interactive video kiosks to select fireworks products you want to see, where you can watch performance videos before you make your purchase. We also have a row of flat screen monitors down the 500g aisle, displaying product performances of items on the shelves below the TVs. We make it easy for you to compare different products and choose the one that's right for you.


What kind of fireworks do we sell? Find out at the Products page.

Fireworks Safety

At our Safety page, get educated on proper fireworks use, so you play like a pro instead of a putz.


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